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Richard K.

I've been part of the Seattle music scene since the 1980's performing a variety of different roles including rhythm and lead guitarist, bass guitarist, drummer and vocalist. I was fortunate to be part of two long running bands in the Seattle area - The Nowhere Men a Beatles tribute band (20 years) and 70's soft rock band - Ventura Highway Revisited (14 years). And, while these bands were running concurrently, I formed a duo we called Double Play. John and I did a soft rock format for about 5 years. As you can imagine, the scheduling was a bit tedious during that time! At the start of 2020, I decided to concentrate on solo acoustic shows, primarily on weekday evenings to keep the weekends open.  Of course, when covid hit, everything came to a halt.

I eventually returned to perform my solo shows and continue to do so. These days, I try to maintain an even balance of music, family and fun. 

Check out my Song List tab and feel free to send an email with any songs you'd like to hear at an upcoming venue. And, thanks to many of you who recommended songs which have now become part of the repertoire!

                    See you down the road....

                    Remember-Every day is a gift!